A Thousand Years of Bubbles

Seshun 6, pahrt due
or Damn Dirty Tiefling

Upon the successful smearing of a few demon, Terren and the group ascend to the monastery. They were met with no resistance while they approached the training grounds. There, our intrepid heroes meet the High Monk Zanagos. However, not being fooled Terren quickly discerned that this is not the Head Monk, but in fact it is the demon that is in control of this once lawful monastery.

“Foul Demon, you cannot fool us with this disguise. Show us your true form, beast,” cried Terren.

“Ahhhhyay. Assoalyal-ee-kool-prah-toh kahn kee boong, loopung chona lee pah,” replied the Demon, “Very well mortals, I shall be your doom.”

Before their eyes the form of Zanagos expanded and grew, flesh tore as the true form of the demon exceeded the elasticity of the skin. The surrounding monks drew away in fear. Our heroes stay vigilante. Soon, there is nothing left of Xenagos, and the form of a Glabrezu stood before the stalwart heroes.

“Now that you know what I am, I will find who you truly are.” the Galbrezu turned to Vicorin and Rory, “My friends, should you join me against these fools, for I would grant you a wish. You have but a moment to decide.”

Rory smiled and replied, “Oy, no demon, check yo self. These my bros, homie. You don’t know me. Loyal til death.”

“Hurrah,” the party exclaimed.

Vicorin stayed quiet for the moment contemplating. “Des people are not goot for meh. Ay wil jorn yer side dermon. I am r evil and i r want wish.” The tiefling limped across the field on his malformed legs, his tail flicking mindlessly.

“I knew this day would come, Tiefling. The debt you owed will be paid with your blood if you side with this Demon,” said Aiden calmly.

“Ay no care, stoopid hooman. Ay only follow cuz you iz stoopid an giv me moneis, hackhackhack.” replied Vicorin, “Dis dermon strong and win. I r git wish and yer shiney tings.”

ENOUGH!” yelled the demon, "Let us battle for I have business to attemd and listening to the tiefling gives me a headache.

The battle is joined.

Brave Aiden and his griffin Peeta, charge into the demon. Rory, the honorable rogue, positioned himself behind the beast flanking him. Meanwhile, Terran and the dutiful cleric, Veline, move to subdue the damnable, dirty, no good, “should have seen this coming,” tiefling. However, using his dark tiefling magics, Vicorin managed to dodge most of the attacks and dove under the demons legs for protection. Red rays streaked across the field, as Ivan joined the fray. The fight was short. Feeling the sting from Terren’s mighty weapon and seeing his position being threatened, the demon exclaimed, “Curse you mortals, I shan’t forget this. Come, Tiefling, we shall adjourn!”

“I r come, dermon.”

“Ugh, no talking,” the demon bellowed as he turned abruptly, his cloak billowing out, and disappeared in a plume of smoke.

Quiet returned the the training grounds. The monks in a confused state. Some mourning the loss of their leader, others took to destroying the portal to the Chaos room. The second in command approached the group,

“Thank you kind heroes for freeing us from the tyranny of the demon and the other agents of chaos. I apologize for your treatment before. To show you that we trust you we would like to show you our purpose and what we protect.”

The monk lead the party to a chamber under the main temple. A pure white light emitted from a clear crystal in the middle of the room, contrasted by a dark sickly light emitting from a dark crystal sitting on a dais. The dark crystal was channeling a dark energy into the clear crystal. As the group approached the crystals, they could see an angelic form encased in the large clear crystal. Veline and Ivan, quickly snapped into action by destroyed the dark crystal, and set to freeing the Angel. Meanwhile, the rest of the party learned what they could,

“This monastery was created several hundred years ago to protect this angel. However, soon we were corrupted by those agents of Chaos and they began to corrupt the angel. We were powerless to stop them. The purpose of the angel was never made clear and that is all we can answer.”

For the next few days, Veline, Aiden, and Ivan worked to release the Angel. Terren hunted and honed his skills in the area around the Monastery, while Rory went “finding” things the monks “misplaced.” Rory also assisted the Monks by getting their supply lines re-established.

Upon the third day, Veline, Aiden, and Ivan were successful in releasing the Angel from its imprisonment. After regaining his wits, the Angel greeted the party,

“Many thanks upon thee, mortals, for thou hast freed me from my prison. My name is Ramiel, I am a Planetar from the Celestial plane.”

“Greetings, Ramiel, I am ”/characters/judge-rathdonnel" class=“wiki-content-link”>Judge Magistrate Aiden Rathdonnel. We are a party of adventures out of our correct time seeking to correct the conditions that caused us to be here." Aiden proceeded inform the Angel of exciting tale of bravery, conquest, and ultimate betrayal.

“This Vicorin seems to be a dimwitted Tiefling. I shall punish him accordingly if I should get my hands upon his person.”

“Indeed, good Angel! Please, how did one of your stature come to find yourself encased in the crystal?” asked Terren.

“Tis a good question, Terren. Hearken unto me, I was summoned here a several hundred years ago with other Angels at my rank or lower. I also know that a Solar came through with us as well. I do not know where they others went, nor their purpose. I do know that I am bound to protect this Monastery.”

Meanwhile, Rory received disturbing news from Monks and tradesman who brought supplies. He joined the rest of the party, “Listen, I got some buzz from some dealers, ya dig. Those red eggs have cracked and towns are being raided. Some peeps being killed and shit, dawg.”

“Ill tidings indeed, Rory. We should investigate!” cried Terren, ever dauntless.

“I concur,” Aiden replied, “Angel, can you lend us your aid?”

“Nay, my friends, I shan’t. For I have pledged my protection to this Monastery, and, here, I shall stay.”

“Very well. Fair thee well, Ramiel. Friends, let us adjourn to ’What’s Next’ and see this destruction for ourselves, and find the fiends who perpetrated these acts of violence,” said Aiden.

Our heroes quickly returned to ’What’s Next,’ and quickly were away. They traveled across the continent finding the ruins of what was left of cities that were next to red eggs and the raided cities. Upon inspection of one of these sites, Terren was able to determine the that some sort of lizard perpetrated these attacks . What remained of the townsfolk was little and some nawed upon, as if eaten. Ivan remarked, “Thēz brüts är kōld blə-dəd,” donning his shaded eye protection.

Travelling on our heroes came across a town under siege. The southern military was in fulll force keeping the foes at bay. Posing as traders they landed to inspect the attacks and after finding the headquarters the contacted the local magistrate,

“These fiends are of a like we have never seen. They have the presence of giant lizards. They seem to communicate and coordinate their attacks. They also use magic and seem to have healers.”

“I will inspect the forest for our enemies, I will determine their numbers and location,” declared Terren.

“Ah, man. I’ll go too, dawg,” Rory offered. These two set out into the forest from which the attacks perpetrate.

Terren and Rory found the information and relayed it back to the defenders, as well as, they were able to find that the lizardmen were preparing the area for a larger force.

Meanwhile, Aiden and the rest of our heroes were able to find the location of another room located to the Chaos room. Remembering the heraldry on the tapestry in the room, Aiden asked the Magistrate and found the location of the families holdings.

The location was the only fort not connected to an egg, and the only fort that still maintained a decent army. When Terren and Rory returned, the group set out to find this fortification.

Recollected by Terren Glorybeard I and transcribed by Ulfric Glorybeard

Seshun 6, pahrt 1
or Oops, the Game Broke

Leaving the Chaos room, as it is now called, our intrepid heroes decide to travel to the southern continent to save the monks from their eternal winter. A chart is made to keep everyone on the same chalkboard.

Scouts from the Southern Continent approach, but cause no issue as the team approaches a small island, upon which a blizzard seems centered. Small orbs surround the storm, and demons charge them with some cavorting dance.


Without any sort of plan or thought, the ship opens fire… to negligible effect. Turns out the team forgot the train gunners. The demons teleport, and combat ensues! Team tactics aside, Terren Glorybeard explodes the enemies before any real fight can start. Of course more appear and damage continues to be thrown back and forth in an endless slug-fest.

A Fifth of Session: Part 3
or Baby, it's Cold Outside

We are on the Plane of Air. We found out that there is a wizard tower out in the middle of the ****ing ocean, which the Faceless Order runs. I think we found the guard guy a job. They talk too much. Demons or Devils are involved, I forget which. Aiden says Demons.

We deliberate for hours.

We’re gonna go figure out all the portals in the chaos forcewall building. We show up, it’s guarded. Vic says “Told you!”


We can’t go in because of some human High Monk Xenagos thing. And Aiden sees the chaos again, has to smite. Combat begins. The monks do lots of counterattacks and jumping around. It’s not very effective; I have enough bullets. One even yells “Stunning Fist!” What a dumb@$$. I splatter him against the wall. (Ivan helped.) Then we follow monks through to the cold training ground place.

Damn it’s cold.

Neat building. Jerk monk who escaped earlier is there. @$$hole. So is an older monk. Also @$$hole. More talking. Apparently they have a deal with some demon; guard the chaos room, get food and lodging in this crazy ice place. Eventually it seems like if we could fix the weather, the monks would leave us alone. It also seems the Overseer of the chaos room is not the demon messing with these monks. They say the demon is showing up, so time to leave.

Rory stays behind to hide and get a look at the guy. Apparently it’s a Glabrezu. Likely not a good idea to go back for now.


On the way out, Vic decides to steal. All the books and items seem to have a spell preventing us from picking them up, but he’s persistent. Whoever is in charge is sleeping without pillows tonight.

Signed. Terren Glorybeard

Except the stuff about pillows. I wrote that. -Vicorin Erinyes

A Fifth of Session: Part 2
or Planning is for Not Us

Let it be noted that Vicorin will no longer be allowed to write these logs. I have confiscated his journal and will take upon myself this duty, to ensure its contents true.

With the foul crocodile creature vanquished our party wastes little time before gathering and entering the summoning portal. We find ourselves standing in the center of a marble island, surrounded on all sides by magma. Living spells drop at a regular rate (as determined by Mr Glorybeard) and find their way to circles at the edges of the platform, presumably teleporting off to cause harm. With an enthusiasm that surprises me, Vicorin insists that he shoot each spell, preventing any further escape of spells while we gain our bearings.
We climb the stairs before us and find a wide chamber, sectioned by walls of force as though constructed entirely of them. The room seems to not follow typical three dimensional orientation, so we hesitate to enter. Vicorin states that a large orb in the center of the room is an ‘Orb of Suppression’ and that it has a dispel label upon it. Shrugging his shoulders, he also enters the room and states that the room makes no sense, and there is no logical orientation within. (In his words “This is weird and crazy, woo!”) My sense of Chaos tells me that this entire place is formed from that most foul ephemera.

Spotting some sort of library, Vicorin runs up a nearby wall, across a ceiling, and inside. While the remainder of the party rushes about exploring rooms, I begin a careful mapping process, determining which doorways connect with which others. It is at this point I have made the logical assumption the creator of this place is mad. Of course Ivan is organizing the library while I do this. Time is wasted while I determine that there are multiple portal rooms delivering different types of living spells to transportation platforms. Also of note is a arch leading into a dungeon of some sort which terminates in a doorway, guarded by two apparent humans of a small family on Taragoth. As this is not the time, I only make note and move on.

With a shout, Rory informs the party someone has entered from one of the strange archways. Due to the unnatural geography, it takes a moment to pinpoint whomever this is, but finally my gaze settles; the man is walking from doorway to doorway with a slow, unconcerned gait. His destination appears to be the bedroom, where he tells Veline “You are lost and should leave”. He emerges with a book, and without us interfering, he resumes his walk out through another door. This door leads to a small room. From the other side of the room I can see a wide training ground, apparently populated by monks, surrounded by snow. Behind this is a huge academy style building. Lacking cold weather gear, I do not pursue. And now our party’s favorite activity – deliberating over activity.

Ideas Presented:
Use various portals to invade the world, ignoring whatever dastard made this place (Rory)
Find an annihilation ‘thingy’ and throw it in. Laugh. (Vicorin Erinyes)
Move platforms so spells fall into the magma directly (Veline)
Make a spout so that spells fall directly into lava using shape stone (Judge Magistrate Aiden Rathdonnel)
Use shape stone to just close the ceilings and not let them drop at all. “Duh”(Veline)
Leave and find other things. “Bored now!” (Vicorin Erinyes)
Cast endure elements and follow the guy (Judge Magistrate Aiden Rathdonnel)
Winner: Shape stone to look around whatever is making the spells (Veline)

Spires act like giant funnels with a magic device in the center. Magic coalesces and a living spell is created and that new spell falls down the funnel to the marble island below. Vicorin and Rory recommend we steal the device, strap it to our ship, and fly about accepting money to not dock at cities. This joke aside, we note what may well be a door hidden in the wall of the funnel, and with yet another stone shape, a door appears. Within are more hidden doors and a stairway leading up to a grate with humanoid guards on patrol above. Rory receives Silence and begins exploring.

Time passes.

Rory returns and informs us that there is a guard nearby that we could capture. While discussing plans, Vicorin ran upstairs. Before he can be stopped, moments later he returns with the guard following of his own will, eager to assist. I worry about his methods sometimes. Regardless, Veline uses hold person and we carry him below to ask questions. Rory informs us that the people above seem to be some sort of central location, discussing information about the world as though removed from it. I begin asking questions, but the guard is not helpful, and he even resists magical attempts of coercion by Vicorin. A discussion is had, at length, and I find myself agreeing with Vicorin Erinyes, a scary prospect: let us return the guard and just fight our way through whatever is above. We decide to take a break upon the Plane of Air.

Here ends the log of Judge Magistrate Aiden Rathdonnel

A Fifth of Session: Part 1
or and That's How You Get Ants

With their uptight Paladin brought back to life and put back together by the incredibly over-generous party, the group must decide now what to do. Of course the Paladin insists they go do some ‘good’ and destroy the sources of the living spells. Illuminating statements by the amazing Tiefling changes focus onto the import of learning about the sources before they make with the smashy smashy, and a new tunnel is chosen at random for exploration.

Session Forth!
or the Skittering Lets You Know it's a Brain
Session Three
or Saving Slaves For Fun and Profit
Session Numero Dos
or Mobile Disco Driven Poorly
Session the First
or Pop a Bubble, Murder a City

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